Advance Digital Marketing Course in Delhi | Ghaziabad | Noida.



Digital Marketing Is an Inbound marketing technique of business on digital devices. Here you will learn what exactly Digital Marketing Is and techniques to do it practically. It helps you in boosting your site/blog rank on Google.

Duration: 2 Hours



Best Designing & Development Training Institute in Delhi-NCRWEBSITE DESIGNING & DEVELOPMENT (OVERVIEW)

Basic Website Designing and Development using Templates and Themes helps you to make your business presence online which will enhance your business market to work, It will help you to make your own website and customize it properly as per requirement.

Duration: 2 Hours




Search engine optimization is an organic way which will help you to make your business website or blog rank high on Google page and allow your customers to view your business at their fingertips. we will make you learn what is Search Engine Optimization and what are its benefits? What is On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and ways to do it?

Duration: 20 Hours



Search engine Marketing is a paid activity for which you will pay money directly to Google for advertising your website add on Google 1st page. Here we will explain you about what is Search Engine Marketing (PPC, Adwords)? What are its benefits? And How to do it?

Duration: 6 Hours





Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) are the great platform to engage more and more audience to their site or blog, Social media helps you in spreading your brand awareness online. You will get to know about what is Social Media Optimization? Benefits Of Social Media optimization and techniques to it?

Duration: 6 Hours


Learn Content Marketing for SEOCONTENT MARKETING

Learn content marketing tips for SEO, content is the king in digital marketing, quality content on your website or blog will increase rank on Search Engine Result Pages on different search engines. Here you will learn about what is Content Marketing and its benefits? How to write a google friendly Content? Content marketing?

Duration: 2 Hours


Best Institute to Learn Blogging and Monetization from ExpertsPROFESSIONAL BLOGGING/BLOGGER

Blogs are the online platform by which blogger can share their views and information to their readers. Here we will tell you about what is blogging? How to write a professional blog? How to earn money from blogging? How to become a professional blogger?

Duration: 2 Hours



Best institute to learn google adsenseGoogle Adsense is the earning part of your advance digital marketing course which is provided by Google. This is the single platform where you can earn huge amount of money without spending a single penny.  Here you will learn what is Google Adsense? How to Apply for Google Adsense Account? How to earn money through Google Adsense Account?

Duration: 2 Hours



Best Institute to Lean Affiliate Marketing for Experts in Delhi-NCRAFFILIATE MARKETING

Affiliate marketing is also an earning part of digital marketing by which you can earn handsome amount of money in terms of commission when sales generated through your website for another website. Here you will learn what is Affiliate marketing? How to become a successful affiliate marketer? How to earn money from affiliate marketing?

Duration: 2 Hours

Best Institute to Learn Freelancing from Experts in Delhi NCRFREELANCING

Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn huge amount of money from home. You can earn an unlimited amount of money, it totally depends on your work, dedication, and devotion to your project. Here you will learn about what is Freelancing work? How to Get work as a freelancer? How to earn money Online as a freelancer?

Duration: 2 Hours


Best Institute to learn for E-mail Marketing.

E-mail is the formal means of communication in the corporate world and it is also one of the best ways to generate business leads. Through e-mail marketing you can target your niche and spread your brand awareness, here we will tell you about: What Is Email Marketing? How to generate business leads through e-mail marketing? Tools to use for

Duration: 2 Hours


Bets place to learn mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing is the latest and trending way to promote your business on most handy digital devices that are mobiles and tablets, As nowadays as per Google number made by mobiles are increasing so mobile marketing can give you cutting edge in your market, here you will learn about: What is Mobile Marketing and its benefits? Techniques to do mobile marketing? Tools To be used in mobile marketing?

Duration: 2 Hours



Online repBest Institute to learn ORMutation management is one of the main aspects to focus on  while doing business online as nowadays most of the people select any product or service after going through its customer reviews and stars rating and then only they rely on particular product or services, online reputation management  will help you out in maintaining your  product or service reputation online, Here you will learn about :What is online Management? How is it beneficial for SEO?  Techniques to do online reputation management?

Duration: 2 Hours

bets Institute to Learn Keyword Planner

A keyword planner is a tool of Google by which you can easily analyze about what your niche is searching for online and in that manner, you can create your own content according to it which will help you out in full filling your niche demand. There are more tools like keyword planner which we will explain you and also you will learn here about: What is Keyword Planner? What for Keyword Planning Is Necessary? How to Search keyword?

Duration: 2 Hours


Google webmaster Best Institute to learn about Google Webmaster Tooltool helps you out analyzing your website overall performance as well as you will get the useful information to adhere so as to increase your site/blog performance. Here You will learn about What is Google webmaster tool? Benefit Of Google webmaster tool? How to use it?

Duration: 2 Hours



Best Institute to learn Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool of Google which will help you out in analyzing your website/blog, Google Analytics will help you to look after your site performance and also to improve it this is very important aspect  to look after as you can analyze all the activities made on your site, Here you will learn about  What Is Google Analytics? What for Google Analytics is used? How to Use it?

Duration: 2 Hours

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